National Siblings Day, Then and Now

Siblings. They’re our built in best friends from birth. So noteworthy that there’s even a celebration on April 10 to honor the special bond between brothers and sisters: National Siblings Day.

This time of year, I like to reflect on my blessing of an older brother, Joe, and older sister, Kristen. Something that’s making it even more impactful this year is how my husband, Scott, (who is also the youngest of three siblings) and I recently welcomed our third child and daughter, Nora.

I’ve seen fun parallels with my siblings and own children. For starters, Kristen used to wake up early before school or drop anything to French braid my hair when I was a kid. It’s heartwarming to see her also braiding my two oldest daughters, Charlotte and Riley’s hair while lending an extra hand as I navigate life with three kids under five years of age.

Joe embraced the big brother role from my early days. At age five, he’d give me a bottle while my mom made dinner for her own young family. She’d yell from the kitchen to remind him to burp me.

My older brother, Joe, giving me a bottle as a baby. My sister, Kristen, cheesing in the background.

A helper like my brother, my oldest, Charlotte, is always quick to offer a hand if her baby sister kicks off her sock, needs some white noise or playful entertainment. I have a feeling she’ll graduate to helping give her baby sister a bottle soon too.

Charlotte’s love of her baby sister has been greater than I could have ever imagined. Every time Nora enters the same room as her, Charlotte is quick to ask, “Can I give Nora a kiss? Can I say hi? Can I nuzzle her?” What’s more amazing, is how Nora never seems bothered by a bouncing toddler in her face. A close sibling relationship is well on its way.

Both middle children, Riley’s response to Nora coming home reminds me of my sister’s reaction when I came home. Kristen made her grand entrance while strutting in gold high heels. Needless to say both ladies were less than impressed at their new baby sisters, at least initially.

Riley’s response to Nora in the early days of her arrival: “How much longer is she going to live with us?”

Classic Charlotte, holding Nora’s hand and Riley off to the side not really noticing her little sister.

Similar to Buddy’s response in the classic Christmas film, “Elf,” I quickly replied: “I haven’t thought about it, but I was thinking forever.”

With this latest chapter of craziness, I’m most grateful to my own siblings being there for me, whether it’s making dinner for my family, babysitting or even just checking in to see how I’m doing. I look forward to watching my three girls be there for each other in the years to come.

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