The 12-Second Game

I’m not one for reliving the glory days of big games. In fact, my eyes tend to gloss over when someone makes me listen to one of their own athletic stories. However, with March here and along with it Spring sports, I can’t help but remember the most bizarre game I’ve ever been a part of. It was a Severna Park High School varsity girl’s lacrosse game. 

“Remember” is a generous statement because I needed to re-read The Baltimore Sun’s article to refresh myself on some key details from the game that took place in May 2004 at the old George Robert’s Stadium: 

“Twelve seconds.

That’s how long the defending Class 4A-3A state champion Broadneck girls lacrosse team will try to protect a one-goal lead and that’s how long Severna Park has to score.

Yesterday’s Class 4A-3A East region semifinal between the two teams was suspended due to thunder and lightning after two hours were spent waiting in an attempt to complete the game at Severna Park.”

The “twelve seconds” aspect I remember like it was yesterday. I recall leaving the field and waiting in the old wrestling gym for what felt like an eternity. When we finally went back on the field for a second attempt to finish the game, we were interrupted by thunder again. At this point, the game was postponed, and we were all set to return the following day to finish. 

The next day, the entire school was buzzing about the duration of our game. A 12-second game? How could it be? The school day dragged on and on. 

Our hope was to push a few seconds’ game into overtime and win. Initially, we practiced our secret play out of sight from the visiting team and fans. Then we moved to the stadium and went through a full warm up, which would be a longer duration of time even if we went to a double overtime. 

The ball began behind Broadneck’s goal they were defending. I was only a Junior, so glorified decoy was my role. I booked it through like the lightening we had seen the night before. One of our Senior Captains received the ball and got her shot off as planned. She took her best shot. Unfortunately, the ball bounced off Broadneck’s goalie and didn’t make it in the goal. Time expired. Twelve-second game over. 

There’s a lot of things from that day that are fuzzy and less than memorable. However, there’s one memory that stands out the most. It’s my other teammate who went to buy our Senior Captain flowers to cheer her up for missing the shot. I’ll carry this kind gesture with me always. And, when others are low because things didn’t shake out as hoped, I’ll always try to cheer them up. 

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