May Your Christmas be ‘BIG’ this Year

Since moving back to Severna Park a few years ago, there has been one childhood memory that I’ve especially loved reliving with my family. Picking out a Christmas tree at the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company (EHVFC).

My husband Scott and daughter Charlotte in 2021.

Back in the 90s, I can still envision the giant, blown up Frosty as my siblings, dad and I pulled into the parking lot. Later, my sister and I would play tag among the trees after dusk before our family decided upon “THE” tree. I can almost see my breath in the fresh, cold air and taste the delicious tiny candy canes.

What I remember most though, are the kind sales people who traveled from North Carolina. One salesman in particular with a thick southern accent said one of my families’ all-time favorite catch-phrases: “Y’all have a BIG Christmas.” Not a Christmas season goes by, where someone doesn’t utter this statement, wishing a Merry Christmas in the most Southern of ways.

I had to find out, who were these friendly and kind people?

“Old Timer Trees has been a valued partner helping to raise funds for Earleigh Heights for many years,” said Bill Flinter, corporate secretary at EHVFC. 

Twenty-eight years to be exact.

Flinter also shared, “Old Timer Trees made a generous donation to the Fire Company during 2020 when EHVFC could not open because of the pandemic.”

All these years later, I love getting my Christmas tree here with my family the day after Thanksgiving. It’s always the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

The Meyer family on Black Friday this year.

Moreover, the “BIG” in the Christmas catch-phrase has evolved for me. It’s less about a big group of presents (childhood me) and more about the unexpected joys of the holiday season like childlike wonder from my toddler daughters, time with family and good health.

Charlotte and Frosty. He has aged well!

As in years past, Earleigh Heights will begin tree sales the day after Thanksgiving on Friday, November 25. They’ll operate from 9am to 9pm daily until all trees are sold, which is usually by the third week of December.

Back by popular demand, Sweet Satisfaction will bring their food truck on select nights, so patrons can enjoy delicious hot chocolate, treats and more.

I encourage you all to support our local volunteer fire department this holiday season and buy your tree or wreaths at Earleigh Heights.

And, like the tree salesman said all those decades ago, I hope “y’all have a BIG Christmas.”

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